E13 | Clay's Cortex Podcast | "Why do I keep getting hurt? (ft. Josh Fitch)

Do you keep getting hurt while exercising or training? Does your son or daughter keep getting hurt while playing their sport of choice? 

This is such a common concern for so many that want to stay active and activity via, exercise, working out, or playing sports? 

We know that activity is good for us but how much should we do? How often? - In this episode of Clay's Cortex Podcast with Josh Fitch we will both talk about 3 main things that can contribute to you or your son or daughter staying healthy and injury free. 

Josh gives great insight on his journey through being healthy to becoming injured and no post injury staying healthy and all the factors that he pays attention to make sure that he can continue to stay healthy and reach his current goal of playing baseball. 

Curtis gives his perspective of working with injured athletes and people to help them come back and what to do to get ahead of a injury before it happens. 

Take control of your body and this episode will help to get you thinking about the things you can do to take care of your body so that you can continue to stay active healthy while doing the activities you want to do or sports you want to play.  


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