E11| Clay's Cortex Podcast | Give Credit Where Credit is Due

"Imitation is the biggest form of flattery"

We have all heard this saying, and we most of us want to be original.

When it comes to life, school, business, and the fitness industry we want to be original and the first to be seen doing something new.

In this episode Curtis will cover why it is imported to use references and how it can impact you in all aspects of your life when it comes to school, business, and when it comes to the fitness industry. - Curtis' career is in the fitness industry, and he talks about something that is near and dear to his heart. And that is making the field of Exercise to be seen in the eyes of everyone as a professional field.

The way to do that is by using references, and referencing your ideas and giving Credit Where Credit is Due. Curtis will go into detail as to why referencing your work is crucial.

Below are the colleagues that I talked about that inspired me to be a professional and reference their work.  

Charlie McMillian - Instagram - @curioustrainer

Jacques Taylor - ‪MyoTopia website‬ | Instagram - @theexercisedesignlab

Greg Mack - ‪Exercise Professional Education website‬ | Instagram - @exerciseproed

Muscle System Consortia 


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