Personal Training... A Chef or a Cook - This episode will cover Personal Training... and is it personal to you as a client and how the industry is operating. - Arthur and I will cover how the typical personal trainer operates and how you as a fitness professional can operate to deliver more value and from the other perspective, what you as a client hiring for personal training should look for from a trainer/ strength coach/ exercise professional. - We will go over the concepts of true personal training, and how we can revive this to help people with their health/ fitness/ athletic/ injury recovery and prevention goals. - It simply comes down to this analogy, are you going to be a Cook? And just follow the steps mindlessly or are you going to be a Chef? One who knows the ins and outs of the tools they use the ingredients and how they work together to create a dish no one will forget, or in this case a workout(s) that no one wants to live without? - Guest - Arthur Hall | Instagram - arthur_thekiln - Clay’s Cortex (Website) - ‪‬ - Clay’s Cortex (PodBean) - ‪‬ (Also on I-Tunes : Clays Cortex) -

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