E14| Clay's Cortex Podcast | I am cleared from my injury... NOW WHAT?

You have a injury or have pain, you then go to the doctor, they prescribe physical therapy you, go to physical therapy for a few weeks then you get CLEARED from your injury!

When you get cleared from physical therapy people | clients | customers return to their activity, sport, or job at the same capacity as before.

They wonder why if they can return to the same capacity of activity without having to guard the injury which is leading to other areas of the body and it can start to spiral out of control.

In this episode of Clay's Cortex Podcast we will talk about the NOW WHAT?

The NOW WHAT is the gap between being cleared and getting back to un-restricted return to their activity, sport, or job. - Curtis hopes that this episode can help to encourage you, if you, a family member, or your athlete have ever experienced this or gone through the process of... having a injury to going to a doctor - to being prescribed physical therapy to being cleared.

Let’s take back control of our bodies!    

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