This seems to be a very hot topic right now and with that being said I get asked about this at least one time per week. - The more is better is not always the case especially when it comes to the body. - We have heard it takes 10,000 hours to perfect a skill, or become a master of your craft. When should that 10,000 hours start? How long should the journey take from start to finish? - In this episode Curtis talk about his perspective when it comes to youth sports and will go over things to think about if you/ your family and your son or daughter are about dive into this route. - The pro's and con's or the risk to benefit will be covered in this episode of Clay's Cortex Podcast. - This will be a introduction into E13, so I guess you can say this is a 2 part with this being part 1. - I hope this episode will help you as a athlete or as a parent to make a decision for the long term instead of the short term. Take a marathon mentality not a 100m dash approach. - Articles and books covering this topic and what was the tipping of the scale when it came to talk about this episode.

+ Parents Should Limit Sports Participation for Children, Trainers Say (NY Times) ________________________________________________________________________ +Dr. James Andrews, on preventing youth sports injuries: Take time off, don't specialize ________________________________________________________________________ + Talent Code - Daniel Coyle ________________________________________________________________________ + Dr. Andrews Book ________________________________________________________________________ Links are below for the plethora of options to absorb information. - Clay’s Cortex (YouTube) - - Clay’s Cortex (Website) - - Clay’s Cortex (PodBean) - (Also on I-Tunes : Clays Cortex) - Instagram - clayscortex -

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